Dear parent, significant relative or legal representative,

Did you recently receive a letter from Miriam Home announcing cuts to services your family member receives through his/her community integration program/day program?
Are you concerned about the impact that these cuts in services may cause to your loved one?

Were you informed that this decision affects over 100 very vulnerable clients/users of Miriam Home services?

Did you try to contact the administrative managers of Miriam Home who sent you this letter, and received no reply from their part to your inquiries?

Do you worry you and your loved one will not be heard?

Do you feel abandoned by the establishment and worry the rights of your family member are being dismissed?

If yes, contact the Users’ Committee of Miriam Home, we are there to defend your rights.
REMINDER: Don’t miss the next Users’ Committee meeting that will be held on

December 5th 2017,
at 6:00PM at the Lori Black Centre at 8160 Royden. There will be a formal presentation by the administration explaining the upcoming changes to the community integration program.

Debbie Schichtman
President of the Users’ Committee
(514) 345-0210, ext. 236

P.S. Please forward your contact information (telephone and email address) so we can keep you informed of any developments.