Please read the article as reported by CBC

This report by CBC reveals the real motivations of CIUSSS West-Central Montreal behind the planned halting of rehabilitation services provided by the Community integration program (CIP) for severely autistic and intellectually disabled individuals residing in residential services of Miriam Home.

Miriam Home and the CIUSSS West-Central are not making this decision based on our clients’ clinical needs, but as Madame Dupuis expresses so eloquently «… to optimize the use of our resources».

Even more troubling is that the establishment is invoking a very dangerous rhetoric – that of the deserving versus the underserving disabled, by trying to apply the ‘medical model’ to people with intellectual disabilities. However, the medical model is a model that the movement of the intellectually disabled has liberated itself from over 50 years ago. We, families, must not accept for these denigrating, dehumanizing, contemptuous and deeply hurtful statements to go uncontested.

Please contact the following 4 individuals:
1)      Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg, president-director-general of the CIUSSS (overseeing Miriam Home) by email at or by telephone at (514) 340-8222, extension 25111
2)      Mr. Alan Maislin, president of the board of the CIUSSS, by email at
3)      Mrs. Lucie Charlebois, Minister for Rehabilitation, at (514) 873-3604 or by email at
4)      Your local Member of the National Assembly (see list of MNAs on attached document)

And say the following 4 statements:
-It is appalling to dismiss over 110 intellectually disabled and autistic individuals from their
community integration program, just because they are in residential services.
-The statements expressed by Mrs. Francine Dupuis, as reported in the CBC article, are very hurtful, inexcusable, denigrating, dehumanizing and unacceptable in 2017!
-Miriam Home must reverse the decision affecting these 110 severely disabled individuals, since:
1) The decision arbitrarily targets people in residential services, irrespective of age or clinical needs,
2) No clinical evaluation of the clients’ needs were done prior to taking this decision,
3) There are no other existing alternative rehabilitation/stimulation services in the community to meet the needs of these severely disabled individuals
4) If Miriam Home goes ahead with this decision, these individuals will lose skills, regress, have behaviours problems and have a bad quality of life!

Please share this request to all your friends and loved ones, ask them to denounce this decision, please make it go viral. We need your help to defend the rights of all the disabled.

Representing the CIUSSS West-Central Montreal territory
Jacques Chagnon
President of National Assembly

(514) 395-2929

Pierre Arcand Chair of the Conseil du trésor

(514) 341-1151

Hélène David
Minister responsible for Higher Education
(514) 482-0199

Kathleen Weil
Minister responsible for Access to Information and the Reform of Democratic Institutions

(514) 489-7581

D’Arcy Mc Gee
David Birnbaum Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sport

(514) 488-7028

Best regards.

User Committee.
(514) 345-0210, ext. 236